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VOB Lumex for Illumination Design

System Reqirements

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  Minimum Recommended
Computer IBM PC or compatible
Operating system W-98, W-NT 4.0 with service pack 3 or higher, 2000, or XP
(W-95 or works fine but not guaranted)
Processor P II class processor, 100 Mhz P III class processor, 500 Mhz
Main memory 128 Mbyte RAM 256 Mbyte RAM
Display SVGA with 2 MByte video RAM, 64k colors, 800x600 pixels SVGA with 8 MByte video RAM, 16.7M colors, 1280x1024 pixels
Available harddisk space 40 MByte 100 MByte
CD-ROM drive for installation from CD-ROM
Mouse or other pointing device
Reader for PDF files
Browser with plug-in for PNG images
Internet access for e-mail support and download of updates

For evaluation, please download the trial version of VOB Lumex.

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